T'was a frabjous day when us social networking fans spied that blue button on the bottom of the HTC ChaCha. 

Informing everyone constantly of your whereabouts, feelings, thoughts or location is now instantly possible with the HTC ChaCha. Pictures can also be sent to that big blue social network we all know and love using just the blue button. 

Typing fans or speedy texters will also like the ChaCha for its dedicated QWERTY keyboard, something we haven't seen in a long time from HTC. Facebook chat is also incorporated into the phone, providing a sort of BBM style Facebook connectivity. 

The handset itself is not the biggest of powerhouses but we expect those with social networking on the brain aren't looking for raw smartphone oomph. Currently priced at free on Vodafone, provided you pay them £26 pounds per month, for two years. For that you get 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 750mb of data plus 1GB of BT Openzone allowance.

Vodafone recently announced plans to take on the HTC ChaCha with their own version of the Facebook phone. Pictures of the handset appeared online last week, showing what a handset that looked incredibly similar to HTC's offering. Not quite sure why Vodafone would launch their own handset to take on HTC's within their own network, but hey competition is always good for the consumer.

Facebook phone? Or are social networks not your thing?