Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, kicked off the second day of Qualcomm's Uplinq event in California with the announcement of HTCdev - a developers platform designed to be "a holistic experience that is focused on improving how people live and communicate."

One of the key inclusions in HTCdev is the HTC OpenSense platform, which means that clever types can finally have their apps integrated within HTC's popular UI - LinkedIn and Picasa were mentioned as two high end possibilities for this feature.

HTCdev will also include access for developers to tap into the 3D capabilities of many of the Taiwanese company's devices, as well as letting devs have access to the tablet pen API - so expect loads of new arty type apps to land.

The platform will work in tandem with HTCPro, its development platform aimed at businesses and organisations.

"I can't wait to see the amazing innovations," said Chou. "Smartphones are bringing a new era of civilisation, and it's happening on a global scale, very, very fast."

HTCdev can be found at and will be launched in the "coming weeks".