The long awaited HTC ChaCha or 'Facebook phone' looks set to hit store shelves on 2 June when it arrives at Phones 4u. Those desperate for a bit of extra social networking in their lives will find the handset's dedicated Facebook button a serious temptation.

Tapping the blue button, which glows when its ready to go, allows you to share whatever content you are currently looking at or creating to Facebook. Be it websites, videos or pictures.

HTC have also re-done elements of their Sense UI to make them more Facebook-centric, the clock for example has a status updates feed.

htc chacha hits phones 4u on 2 june image 2

The QWERTY keyboard on the handset is presumably there to make things like typing on the Facebook chat app easier. The 2.6 inch display has a front facing VGA camera sitting above it, with a 5 megapixel camera and flash on the back.

The ChaCha is aimed at those who want social networking without the price tag usually slapped on the latest tech and as such is available free on contracts starting at £20 per month or for £299.95 on pay as you go.

Desperate to find out more about the ChaCha? Check out our hands-on here.

HTC ChaCha day one buy? Or does Android already pack enough social networking interaction?..