Those desperate for a camera phone worthy of replacing their Nokia N8 may just have had their prayers answered by HTC rather than Nokia after leaked shots showing a 12 megapixel HTC handset sporting WP7 have been spotted in Russia.

Well known Russian leaker Eldar Murtazin of has got his hands on the HTC phone, posting pics that show the camera's specs on Twitter. Murtazin also tell us that the handset will be able to handle camera RAW, allowing for formidable post editing capabilities.

12 megapixel htc windows phone 7 caught on camera image 2

As of yet there is little else that can be learned about the HTC handset (Interestingly the casing looks to be identical to the HTC 7 Trophy we have in the office). We already know that CEO Peter Chou plans continued support of WP7, so it is entirely possible that this phone materialises on shop shelves.

Expect further information on the handset tomorrow when Murtazin is set to compare it to an N8. Well known for his reliable leaking antics, Eldar Murtazin famously acquired a Nokia N8, only to find that Russian authorities were on his case after the Finnish manufacturer demanded their handset back.

See below for a full twelve minutes of the handset in action

Megapixels your thing? Or are you a processor kind of person?