Facebook fans - did you think that you were going to have to wait until 26 June to get poking on the HTC Cha Cha?

Well, think again as the Carphone Warehouse has opened up a pre-orders page for the Gingerbread device - with delivery expected to be the beginning of June.

The ChaCha boasts a full QWERTY and has a 2.6-inch touchscreen with a 480x320 resolution and has a 600Mhz processor with 512MB of RAM.

It packs a dedicated button to let you “Facebook” and, along with the touchscreen only HTC Salsa, is the Taiwanese manufacturer's attempt at appealing to the social networking masses even more obviously than it already does with its Friend Stream service.

The Carphone Warehouse has the phone for free on contracts starting from £20 on Orange. Three also has the handset listed on its site as coming soon.

If you want the device SIM-free, Amazon has it listed for £249.99 with a 26 June on-sale date stated.