What you're looking at here is, apparently, the UK version of the HTC Evo 3D - the HTC Rider (or the HTC Desire 3D, depending on what report you believe).

Whaddya mean it looks just like the HTC Sensation. Come on, don't spoil the fun - jump on board the rumour-mill bandwagon and go for a ride - it's much more fun.

The blurry picture certainly has aspects of the Sensation, as well as the Desire HD - but we'd like to think there's a couple of cams on the back.

Another leak from the same source (Sniper 911), presumably taken with the same Boots throwaway camera is of the supposed HTC Kingdom - a qHD touting handset that looks, you guessed it - exactly the same as the HTC Desire HD / Sensation / Rider / Desire 3D / Evo 3D.