Rumours of new Windows Phone 7 smartphones have been a bit quiet of late, presumably because most manufacturers are still waiting for Microsoft to get moving with it’s Mango update.

Still, that’s all come crashing to an end as rumours of a new HTC Windows Phone 7 handset have appeared on the interwebs.

According to a leaked video picked up by (no relation), HTC is working on a new Windows Phone 7 superphone that will pack a whopping 16-megapixel camera.

“Camera phones are great for capturing spontaneous moments, but not great at capturing them perfectly,” says the Aussie voice over to the storyboard style video, before going on to detail that the new smartphone will have a 16-megapixel camera and two LED flashes.

16-megapixels is a massive leap from what HTC currently offers (the HTC Sensation has 8-megapixels), and it’s also a massive leap on what the competition is offering too. The current highest around is 14-megapixels, but that’s not on a mass market consumer product, suggesting that the video could just be a concept rather than a reality.

We will keep you posted.