Has Blockbuster just given us the launch date for the HTC EVO 3D? We ask that because during our hands-on play with the new HTC device at the Sprint stand we came across the new BlockBluster app and it had a big “Available in 71 days” at the top of the app page.

71 days from today (22 March) puts us at 2 June, which just so happens to be “Summer” which HTC and Sprint have promised for the new device.

The Blockbuster On Demand app is already available on other devices in the US, however not on the Android Market, which we’ve been told will be live when the HTC EVO 3D handset launches. 

“Consumers want to watch the latest entertainment anywhere, anytime,” said Scott Levine, vice president of Digital, Blockbuster. “Sprint and Blockbuster are taking the movie watching experience to the next level with enabling 3D on a smartphone.”

Blockbuster On Demand promise to offer all the new releases on the same day they become available on Blu-ray and DVD. Customers can buy or rent digitally and download directly to their smartphone, along with select 3D movies.

Blockbuster On Demand purchases can also be watched on other Blockbuster On Demand-compatible devices. Rentals range from $1.99 to $3.99 each, and purchases are $5.99 and up. Rentals will be available for viewing on one screen within 30 days of rental, with a 24-hour viewing period once the title is first played.