First launched in 2010 in the US, the HTC Incredible has set sale from North America and will be on sale in the UK, from tomorrow 25 February, in the form of the HTC Incredible S.

Originally slated for a April launch, the earlier than anticipated release comes from, who has told Pocket-lint that the "Incredible S will be in stock from tomorrow".

Good news then for all fans as anyone with plans to pick up the phone can look forward to a 1GHz single-core processor, a 4.1-inch screen and a 8-megapixel camera around back. There's HTC Sense, in-built memory and the usual array of HTC toys included.

So what's the main difference to the US variant? The design. While the Incredible S still sells that "inside out message" the UK version has been refined and tweaked to be less "brash".

This less-brash approach includes HTC's soft-touch covering rather than metal, and the handset has apparently been designed to appeal to those who perhaps had a soft spot for the HTC Legend.

It'll come with Froyo when it goes on sale from rather than Gingerbread, although HTC says that is something that will be altered ASAP.

HTC Incredible S hands-on

HTC Incredible S vs HTC Incredible