New images of an unannounced HTC smartphone have turned up in an official “innovation” video put out on YouTube by the company.

The 30-second TV advert is designed to promote the company's current innovations and features American models like the T-Mobile G2, HTC Evo, Droid Incredible, and many more of the manufacturer's leading mobile phones.

What the accompanying blurb fails to mention though, is the handset that appears in the first 5 seconds. It just happens to look like the HTC Wildfire, but without the optical trackpad.

With Mobile World Congress just days away, and HTC promising via its Facebook page an exciting new announcement, could we be about to see a Wildfire 2 launched at the phone trade show in Barcelona.

If not, what is the mystery Android-powered device?

What do you think the new smartphone is? Let us know in the comments below...