Well, well, well what have we here then? If it isn't the curious HTC buttonless phone, snapped in blurryvision.

The handset, which has been papped with the Verizon branding which we saw in the original leaked renderings, looks like your typical Android handset - but sans-buttons.

That's not to say that the rather thick bottom part of the bezel won't produce the regular Android buttons when fired up - although murmurs are abound that it won't. Although, we'd question what the point of having a rather fat section down the bottom is if it isn't going to do anything but sit there looking all black and plasticy.

But hey, what do we know?

Actually, when it comes to specs - not a lot. No details have been confirmed yet and nothing has even been properly rumoured. It's literally a blank canvas.

More news will probably break before MWC kicks off in just over 2 weeks though - HTC device details are currently leaking faster than a West Ham defence.