There's nothing much to go on here except some blurry pics, but the general consensus is that the handset that you see before you is the new HTC flagship Android device, which should be officially launched during Mobile World Congress.

The potential HTC Desire follow up does seem to match the render which was picked up by PocketNow last week, with a more curvier chassis than the original, an arched speaker and a front-facing camera.

There are no specs to go with the blurry-cam shots unfortunately, but if HTC comes to the table with a flagship device with anything less than a Gingerbread OS and a 1.2GHz CPU then we'll eat our hat*.

MWC 2011 kicks off on 13 February with HTC's presser on the 15 February, so expect some juicy HTC news to drop then.

*We won't actually - but we do promise to be surprised.