Hmmmm, this is an intriguing one.

A HTC trademark has turned up, marking the words "HTC Sensation" as property of the Taiwanese giant.

The description of the trademark is a bit vague (it seems to suggest both hardware and software for smartphones and /or personal computing), leaving it up to the rumour mill to bit of guessing as to what the Sensation brand will be applied to.

The most popular theories revolve around HTC Sensation being a new user interface, maybe the successor (or extension) of the HTC Sense platform.

Perhaps it could be a tablet-specific UI, of which the expected HTC tabs will operate.

Or, it could be the name of a new device itself - perhaps the first HTC tablet to launch, or maybe even a new smartphone.

Whatever it is, chances are that we'll get some official confirmation over in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress next month, so stay tuned for updates.