The fridge over at HTC headquarters must be full of chemical-crazy energy drinks. The chaps must surely have to work all through the night to keep coming up with the multitude of handsets that the Taiwanese giant chucks out.

And, despite several high profile launches over the last few months, it seems as if HTC isn't finished as PocketNow has published a huge spread of new devices that look all set for a MWC unveiling.

Starting with the pick of the bunch, this flagship-contender looks a bit like the Desire HD, but a bit curvier and sans-trackpad. There's also a front facing camera on board too. The button setup suggests Android and a 3.8- to 4-inch screen is suggested. Could this be the rumour-mill oft-mentioned HTC Saga? Probably.

Next is the curious case of the HTC button(less) phone, which has actually been seen before on a Verizon listing. Apart from the fact there are no buttons, not a lot else is known though.

numerous new htc handsets leaked and pictured image 2

There's another phone that looks like a mini-Nexus One (possibly with a 3.2-inch screen) - which has already been seen in China as the A3380.

There's one that looks as if it could be a successor to the Smart 2 and could pack BREW, one that brings back physical send and receive buttons (possibly the A3360 in China) and finally a 4.3-inch big screen model that looks set for the Far East.

Specs and details are very thin on the ground at the moment, but expect more info to emerge in the next couple of weeks in the lead up to the big Barcelona mobile expo.