iOS4 users recently got to enjoy Skype video chat with an update to the popular VoIP service, starting murmurs of malcontent among Android users (those with compatible devices that is…)

We’ve just had our hands on the new 4G HTC ThunderBolt and were treated to a demo of Skype with video chat on the device. It wasn’t a live demo of the software in action, rather a video sample demonstrating what the service on the Verizon handset will do.

An accompanying HTC agent told us that this Skype service would be seamlessly integrated into HTC Sense, integrating with your contacts so there was no need for the separate app. All you do is sign-in with your Skype username and password when you set up the device.

But, with video calling you get the option of calling across the Skype network, so you’ll be able to call between mobile or desktop devices as long as they offer Skype video chat.

Like the FaceTime on the iPhone, you’ll also be able to switch between cameras so you can use the front and rear cameras to show your friends the view, rather than just your ugly mug.

The HTC agent didn’t know if this functionality was coming to other HTC devices, or if the service was going to be coming to other Android devices as a Skype standalone service. We’re going to hunt down Skype and get some answers, but we're guessing it will be happening soon following the iOS update.

We will keep you posted.

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