At first glimpse you'd be forgiven for thinking that the phone pictured is one of the HTC Desire HD. After all, it does bear an uncanny resemblance to its HTC cousin.

But take a closer look. The silver panel at the top is slightly longer, the grey border at the bottom is more curvier and the back is quite a bit different.

It is in fact (probably) the HTC Thunderbolt, which has also been labelled the HTC Droid Incredible HD, or the HTC Mecha when mentioned during previous sightings. And it's all set for a CES 2011 unveiling over in Vegas.

The handset is set to hit US network Verizon, and will supposedly go head to head with Sprints HTC Evo 4G - with an LTE module for your 4G access rather than a WiMAX one.

We like the look of the kickstand for movie watching, and the fact that it has the Google logo slapped on it should mean it comes loaded with a wealth of the Big G's features and apps.

Pocket-lint will be over at CES in full force and we'll be getting up close and personal with anything that HTC shows off - so check back for regular updates.