HTC has confirmed that it will be launching its third 4G handset at CES in Las Vegas in January.

The company has released a teaser in the shape of a large phone covered in a black cloth on a mobile website in the US.

With very little details given in the picture, words next to the covered handset read:

“The first to 4G, again.”

The reference to “again” is the fact that HTC has already launched 4G capable smartphones on both T-Mobile and Sprint, but not AT&T or Verizon in the US.

Earlier in the month HTC’s founder and CEO said that the company was working on an LTE (4G) phone for release in 2011.

"We think that the US mobile operators will be taking the lead and pushing 4G LTE in the US market... We are working on LTE devices for next year."

It seems he wasn’t kidding, with the company waiting just six days into the new year to get the ball rolling.

The teaser site, which strangely doesn't sit on a standard url (we've checked with HTC though and it is a legitimate htc site), asks users to punch in their details if they want to know more when details become available.

Previous rumours doing the rounds would suggest that the phone will be the HTC Incredible HD or the HTC Mecha.

Pocket-lint will be live in Las Vegas at CES for the announcement and will keep you up to speed as the news breaks.