HTC’s chief innovations officer, Horace Luke, has told Pocket-lint that the company will continue to build its website hinting that it will become a core part of the company’s phone strategy in the future.

“Right now, most tasks are computed on the product itself. But the idea of sharing the computation and experience with the cloud hasn't even begun. It’s like 1 per cent. One day everyone will have access to a data connection like we have access to terrestrial TV today, and that makes things a lot easier in a lot of ways”, Luke told Pocket-lint in a one-to-one phone interview. was announced earlier this year and lets you sync some of your phones data to the cloud, making it easier to manage contact information on your phone, but that could just be the start of things to come according to Luke.

Citing that battery life isn’t likely to get that much better any time soon, Luke believes that offloading computational tasks from the phone to a central server or service could be one way of making your phone's battery last through the day and into tomorrow.

“It's [battery technology] not really likely to get better, but what we could do is offload computations to help the battery life. The problem is that the better we do our jobs in creating things you want to do with your phone, the more you are going to want to use it. When web browsing sucked you didn’t surf the web”, explains Luke.

The comments were made in an extensive interview with the chief innovations officer of HTC. Check out the full interview; Inside HTC: Horace Luke tells us how HTC designs phones