HTC has suggested that if it’s not allowed certain freedoms within Windows Phone 7 or Android it would leave the platforms for good.

“We will do everything necessary to create the best experience possible. Right now, working with Microsoft and Google is the best approach, but that might not be the case in the future”, HTC’s director of User Experience, Drew Bamford told Pocket-lint, in a lengthy interview looking at how the company works.

“I wouldn’t preclude HTC in the future doing something on a different operating system or even doing our own operating system. I don’t think that’s out of the question, because our goal is to address the needs of our users, and if we don’t have the freedom to do what we need to on a given platform we’ll try another platform or create our own”, Bamford went on to say.

However, Bamford believes that such drastic measures aren’t likely to happen in the future, mainly because, in the case of Windows Phone 7, it believes that Microsoft will loosen the constraints.

“Microsoft will let us loosen the reins a bit, but certainly it's a real constraint the kinds of things they are enabling”, said Bamford before reminding us that, “One of HTC’s strengths is that we are always trying new things, new form factors, new partners, and that’s what’s kept us in the race for so long”.

Check out the full interview with Drew Bamford, where he talks more on Android, designing phones for different cultures and what we should expect next.

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