HTC is gearing up for its own App Store, according to two Financial Times sources.

The FT report suggests that HTC's hook-up with ebook distributor Kobo back in September was linked with the expansion of the platform, and that we could be seeing a fully blown HTC run ebook and app store making an appearance in the near future.

One of the FT's sources said that the Taiwanese phone giant was on the lookout for content editors for an online shop that would sell its devices, as well as ebooks, magazines and applications. It is thought that a global team is planned, with a worldwide collective of 100 people on the cards.

HTC commented to the FT that it is "growing very fast" and is "hiring for a variety of positions including marketers, developers, technical writers and many others". It stated that it is "always exploring new areas we can add value to our customers", but "can’t comment on our future plans".

A HTC App Store would definitely make sense, if you pardon the pun. With the unique UI that so many Android fans love, it's clear that an optimised app and ebook platform would be welcomed with open arms.

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