HTC phone leaks are more common than the cast of The Only Way is Essex. But it isn't usually HTC doing the leaking itself.

But that's what has happened with the HTC Mecha, which was listed on the HTC Sense website, along with the Desire Z and Desire HD in the "Select your Phone" option.

Unfortunately the page has now disappeared from view, with no cache record, but luckily Engadget managed to grab a couple of quick screen grabs.

Now the picture shown is the HTC Hero, which could just mean that the whole thing could lead to a massive let-down, but we're far too optimistic a bunch to think that.

So, all that's left to do, is ponder as to what kind of phone we could be seeing.

Could this be a re-hash of the old Hero model (hence the picture)? Are we looking at the first HTC Gingerbread handset? Or, could this be the next incarnation of Windows Phone 7 from the Taiwanese phone giant? And will Dick ever tell Bruce Wayne his true feelings?

Tune in tomorrow, same Pocket-lint time, same Pocket-lint channel.

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