Just 2 days after putting a listing up for the HTC 7 Trophy, Amazon has scrapped the page and will not be offering the phone SIM-free after all.

The move comes as Pocket-lint received word from a spokesperson confirming:

“The HTC 7 Trophy is a Vodafone exclusive and the Amazon listing was posted in error".

However, maybe those wanting the Trophy SIM-free may still be in luck. Online retailer Expansys still has the device listed, for the same price that Amazon had it down for - £429.99 - with availability listed as being 11 November.

We're chasing up Expansys to see if it really does have the device on sale, or whether it's an error along the same lines as Amazon's.

On Vodafone you'll be able to get the HTC 7 Trophy for free on a £25 a month, 2-year contract. For that you'll get 300 minutes, unlimited text messages, and 500MB of data.

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