With all the talk when it comes to white phone handsets firmly focused on the iPhone 4 white edition, or rather the lack of the iPhone 4 white edition, the news that HTC is rolling out a white HTC Desire may be seen as a bit of a kick in the teeth for the Cupertino collective.

The white version of the popular Android handset will be hitting the shops from this month, and will be available alongside a new colour variant of the HTC Legend.

Rather than a white version, the HTC Legend is getting a "phantom black finish".

htc beats apple to the white phone punch image 4

"We are always looking for ways to broaden the customer’s mobile experience", said Florian Seiche, president of HTC Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"We understand that our customers love to express themselves, whether it is through their music, fashion or their mobile phone. We work hard to provide a strong portfolio of mobile phones, to give our customers the variety and choice in terms of experience, look and feel, that they crave".    

"There has been a real passion for these phones since they launched. The phantom black HTC Legend and brilliant white Desire cap a quality mobile experience with an exclusive and premium finish".

As mentioned, the new colour versions of the Desire and the Legend will become available in October.