With the Windows Phone 7 launch just days away, handsets are turning up all over the place. The latest is the HTC Spark in Egypt.

It's yet another HTC handset (how many is HTC going to launch?), and follows hot on the heels of other HTC Windows Phone 7 leaks like the HTC Mondrian.

"Today I met a friend who has a Windows 7 HTC Spark phone for testing purposes. Since I found nothing on it online (even GSM Arena & XDA), I took some snapshots", writes the Fishawy a senior member of the XDA-Developers forums. 

According to further posts by the forum user it sports a 1GHz processor and a 3.8-inch WVGA touchscreen display as well as HTC Hub.

"HTC hub has nothing extraordinary .. Calculator, Converter, Flashlight, Phone Enhancer, and some other stuff".

The news comes as the Wall Street Journal confirms, what here at Pocket-lint we've know for some time - that Microsoft will be launching Windows Phone 7 on 11 October in New York with AT&T, LG, Samsung and of course HTC.