The HTC Mondrian, yet another unannounced, unconfirmed, but heavily rumoured HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphone, has turned up in two "to be released" AT&T adverts presumably due to be aired when everything Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft becomes official.

There are two adverts currently on YouTube.

The first is about a women claiming that the her new Windows Phone 7 handset is different to all the others out there and taking aim at BlackBerry, suggests that because of the new interface you'll be, as the girl in the advert says, "I'm in, I'm out, and back to my life."

The ad is completed with the usual voiceover suggesting that Windows Phone 7 and the HTC Mondrian is all about:

"Less stop and stare, more glance and go"

The second shows a series of people in different situations looking at their phone rather than everything else around them.

It finishes with the tag line: "It's time for a phone to save us from our phones. New Windows Phone, the first phone designed to bring you the stuff you need and get you back to what matters."

No word on when these adverts will air.

UPDATE: Both ads have now been taken down from YouTube