First came a schematic, then a rendered screenshot, and now pictures of the real thing in glorious colour for all to see. Yes, we are talking about the HTC HD7, or is it the HTC HD3, which has turned up in the Far East strutting its stuff.

While the device matches the HD7 rumours that have been floating around the phone is actually branded the HTC HD3, suggesting that either this is an early prototype, or that HTC has the HD7 still to come.

Either way, and don't forget there are plenty of HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets floating out there, we'll happily make do with a collection of shots that aren't taken with a smudged camera in a dark corner.

This batch has turned up in HTC's birthplace Taiwan, on Taiwanese forum

There's little information in the pictures that give us any more detail on the specs of the device, regardless of how pretty they look, however the phone's casing appears to feature a kick stand that comes out from around the camera so you can plonk it on a desk and watch a movie.

Other than that there isn't much more to comment on, other than the standard Windows Phone 7 buttons on the front and a big bright screen.

HTC has already confirmed that October is the month for Microsoft's big unveil so we shouldn't have too long to wait.

Meanwhile it's the second leaked handset from HTC on Wednesday, with the HTC Trophy getting snapped as well.

UPDATE: We've now got word of the rumoured HTC HD7 specs too

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