We hear you, you're probably still trying to get your head around all the HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphone leaks too.

Will the company launch the HD7, Will it be the HTC Ace, maybe the HTC Trophy, or perhaps the HTC Mozart, and that's before you start to mention the Spark, the Schubert, and the Mondrian.

Still whether HTC launch one or multiple phones in October sporting Windows Phone 7 or not, the latest to grab 5 seconds in front of a camera for a not so pretty photoshoot is the HTC 7 Trophy.

According to Pocketnow.com who've been sent the snaps the pictures show the HTC 7 Trophy will reading the About page in the phones settings feature 7.20GB of storage and packaging version 7.0.7003.0 of the operating system.

Although the pictures don't show it, apparently the HTC 7 Trophy does feature that HTC Sense UI, which has been making the rounds lately.

With the Windows Phone 7 announcement scheduled for the 11 October, we shouldn't have long to wait to see if this handset becomes a reality.