Pocket-lint has already told you that Windows Phone 7 would be launching in October, however our sources weren't so keen about being named.

The same, however, can't be said for Mohammad Kais Zribi, regional director, HTC, Middle East North Africa, who either slipped up, or took it upon himself to confirm to Gulf News that:

"We will be launching Windows Phone 7 handsets next month and we will be concentrating on Android and Windows segments."

The article, dated 21 September if you're wondering, puts Windows Phone 7 as a green for go for October.

But wait there's more. Zribi also said this:

"So far we have launched six models and around five more models by end of the year."

With the Desire HD and Desire Z likely to take up two of those six, that still leaves four handsets possibly more unaccounted for.

Exciting times for HTC it seems.

We will keep you posted.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in