Microsoft has already detailed how Windows Phone 7 hubs will work to Pocket-lint in a one-to-one briefing earlier in the year, and now a video and some screen shots have shown up online on how someone like HTC is going to implement it.

When the new OS was first announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February, Microsoft implied that Windows Phone 7 would feature just seven hubs - Pictures, People, Browsing, Games, Music, Marketplace and Office - all available to users of the new OS. Months on and the company changed tack, suggesting that developers will be able to create their own hubs above and beyond either an embedded app, or a standalone one.

"Say you had a collection of Pac-man apps", Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Microsoft explained to Pocket-lint at the time. "As a developer, you could create a hub that housed a range of Pac-man apps altogether in one area".

And that's exactly what HTC looks to be doing, sans the Pac-man element.

The video uncovered shows that HTC plans to integrate its Sense UI elements getting around the heavy restrictions in place by Microsoft, by having individual tiles that launch Sense UI applications like the weather, notes and the like. 

The full list is now reporting to be:

Weather, Calculator, Connection Setup, Converter, Flashlight, List, Love, Notes, Photo Enhancer, Sound Enhancer, and Stocks.

According to WMPoweruser who'd been sent the screen shot, not all applications will be installed by default, and the Get more link in HTC HUB will link to the WP7marketplace, and allow the download of the other HTC apps.