It's not officially even announced yet, but when did that stop anything? New details fresh in from Germany are showing that the HTC HD7 is scheduled to be released in Germany in October and that it will cost 559 Euros commitment free.

According to the internal spreadsheet, the Windows Phone 7 device will be released on the 42nd week of the year, confirming the 18th October release date and coming just days after the 11 October launch event details of which Pocket-lint exclusively broke earlier in the month.

The details found here suggest that O2 Germany customers will be able to also settle on a 24 month contract. On contract, the phone will cost for 79 Euro up front and 20 Euros a month.

Sadly the leak is only the internal document with the only descriptive bit of information being that the phone will be available in black.

HTC has confirmed that it will be launching a Windows Phone 7 handset, however has as yet to detail what that handset will be.