As John Wang stood on stage yesterday announcing the updated features you'll be able to access through the latest version of HTC Sense, there was one little detail that got slightly glossed over.

Whilst describing the new DLNA-friendly skills that the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z will come with, Wang said that they would solve the problem for older TVs too. What he means, whilst flashing a slide up, was that HTC would be releasing an accessory for your TV if you don't have one that's already DLNA equipped.

We cornered a lab rat who revealed that the device has been known internally as Tube "we have codenames for everything" he said with a smirk and a wink.

The device connects to your TV via HDMI and to your Wi-Fi network and will then register as a DLNA location on your phone so you can send your content to your older TV. Its worth remembering that DLNA has only really started appearing in TVs in the last year, so this bridge makes perfect sense and could be a benefit to lots of customers, as long as you have HDMI, of course.

Slashgear are referring to the Tube as "Media Link", but when we talked to our lab guy he had no idea what the commercial name was going to be: "it's come straight out of the lab" he told us with a chuckle. Media Link seems to make sense, since it, well, links media.

htc brings dlna to non dlna tvs  image 4

We had a hands-on demo of the device, and the remote control interface displayed on the HTC Desire HD looked simple enough and the dude confirmed that if you had a DLNA compatible network drive, you'd be able to access content on that drive too through the new HTC Sense feature. We're hoping you can access network content and play it on your non-DLNA-TV-with-DLNA-adapter.

He also confirmed that as it was DLNA, you'll be able to theoretically use it with any DLNA phone, although he hadn't tested this theory in his lab.

No word on price unfortunately.

htc brings dlna to non dlna tvs  image 5