John Wang today described HTC as bringing "insightful moments of delight", as he detailed the new updated HTC Sense. 

The new HTC Sense he claimed will power on in 10 seconds, bringing with it mail filtering, so you set up a VIP list to get to your important messages as quickly as possible, with background loading of long emails to save you time. "With less time on emails, you have more time for friends", said Wang.

Updated maps bring orienting to the maps using the digital compass, just as we've seen on Apple's iPhone. HTC are also offering pre-caching on their maps, so you won't have to wait for the map data to download. 

Moving onto the camera, Wang announced that HTC Sense would now allow you to send a video from the phone to your TV using DNLA. 

Moving on to connected services, HTC Sense will now keep your messages on, so you can return to messages and browse them on your PC.

To help you find your phone when you've lost it around the house, will let you find your phone, even if it is on silent by using the ringer. The service will also let you remotely forward calls using the online service, should you leave your phone at home.

If you lose your phone, you'll be able to send a message to your handset so that people can find and return it. You'll also be able to remotely erase the data on your phone should it fall into the hands of a miscreant. 

We'll get our hands on the new HTC Sense later today and will bring you any new details we find out - such as if it will be updated on existing devices.