Do you remember the HTC roadmap leak in December last year? It had the Legend, Bravo and Photon listed, with pics (which subsequently became the Legend, Desire and HD Mini).

Well, another phone detailed in the leaked document was the HTC Trophy, a handset with an in-built QWERTY keyboard, which Pocket-lint described (at the time) as: "[It] carries a QWERTY keyboard next to its landscape 3-inch capacitive touchscreen. In most other respects it's identical to the [HD Mini], including the former's processor and 5-megapixel autofocus camera".

Admittedly, we also said that it would be coming out in May 2010, but there's a good reason that it didn't.

It seems that it was to run on WinMo 6.5 originally, and could well have been put back for the launch of Windows Phone 7 instead.

German website claims to have screenshots of a Vodafone inventory system that show the Trophy to still be on the agenda. Naturally, it would need a higher resolution screen and more oomph in its pants to comply with Microsoft's minimum WP7 recommendations, but it could be interesting to see a consumer phone with a non-slide out QWERTY keyboard as part of the launch portfolio.

More on this as it comes in...

Do you think an in-built QWERTY keyboard is a good idea for a modern smartphone (bar BlackBerry)? Let us know in the comments below...