While the world awaits HTC's grand unveiling and announcements on Wednesday (15 September) - most likely concerning the HTC Desire HD - pics and details have emerged on a white version of the normal Desire, which is exclusively coming to The Carphone Warehouse in the UK before Christmas.

The handset is identical to its brown and black brethren in all other ways except colour, but at least there's one mobile phone manufacturer that can guarantee a white version of a handset, without citing production difficulties.

It is also believed that a silver HTC Wildfire is also coming to the retailer at the same time.

Talking to androidcommunity.com, a Carphone Warehouse rep couldn't give a specific release date, but told the site that "this was something of a departure for the company – usually they just prepare an initial range of colors and that’s it".

Normal HTC Desire owners needn't feel left out though, the HTC support website has posted that an over-the-air software update is now available.

The company advises that you use a Wi-Fi connection to download it as it's a large file, and the company recommends that you back up all of your personal data first.

The update offers the following changes and enhancements:

- Android OS update patch

- Enhanced multi-inbox Gmail support

- Improved Russia keyboard layout

Will you be getting a white HTC Desire, or are you more interested in what the company is going to announce on Wednesday 15 September? Let us know in the comments below...