It looks like the mole at AT&T in America, that is leaking all manner of details about all manner of handsets that are going to be primed for Windows Phone 7, has just leaked pictures of yet another handset.

The HTC T8788, as it is currently going by, is yet another HTC device we've yet to hear about officially, but none the less clearly exists and is happy to pose for pictures.

This time though, rather than a slider for a hidden QWERTY keyboard, the phone slides to reveal a speaker very much like Samsung's ill-fated MP3 player, the YP-K5, from way back in 2006.

As far as details are concerned, that's as far as we know at the moment, aside from the fact that it will feature the defacto three buttons that makes it the Windows Phone 7 phone it wants to be.

However, with an expected "early October" launch window, we don't have long to wait to see if this handset makes the first batch of Windows Phone 7 launch titles.

We will keep you posted.