Fans of HTC, that are hoping that the company will be launching the HTC Desire HD at its 15 September press event in London, have had further confirmation that it's likely to happen thanks to a rogue Amazon listing that has since been pulled from the online shopping site.

Gadget site Electricpig had been tipped off by a reader that noticed "a mysterious product called HTC 99HLZ001-00 ACE/Desire HD", which was, "listed as out of stock, and priced at £415" on the UK shopping site.

Unfortunately the listing didn't detail anything other than its name and the price of the new handset, which we've previously reported should be the UK equivalent of the HTC Evo.

HTC is expected to launch the HTC Desire HD in September with the handset featuring a much larger 4.3-inch screen and Qualcomm processor. It is also expected to run Android 2.2.