Back in July when Pocket-lint spoke with HTC's global PR and online community manager Eric Lin, he told us of HTC's commitment to Windows Phone 7 and explained how the company had "every expectation" that there would be a HTC WP7 device available "on day one".

Until now, we thought that the device in question would be either the HTC Mozart or the HTC Mondrian that both turned up in a XML database file from HTC's MMS specs page.

But now, the supposed HTC Schubert has been uncovered and has set tongues a wagging on the web that this could be the handset to kick-start HTC's Windows Phone 7 assault.

There are no spec details regarding the Schubert, all we know is what has been shown from leaked pictures and videos - that it looks as if it is a Legend-style aluminium handset with rubber or plastic curves on the back. There's also a camera with flash, but unfortunately that's it.

So, it looks as if HTC is going for a cultural line up for its Windows Phone 7 range - Mozart and Schubert (Franz) were composers of course, although it is unclear what Mondrian could refer to. Possibly the Dutch painter Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan?

What we do know is that HTC seems deadly serious on making a go of the Windows Phone 7 platform. The Taiwanese phone company were always keen partners of Microsoft in the past, and despite a high-profile love-in with Android as of late, it looks as if the old partnership is back in business.

If any Pocket-lint culture-vultures could fill us in on the Mondrian name then it would be much appreciated. Answers on a postcard to the usual address - comments section below.