If you think you are seeing more people using a HTC smartphone these days you aren't imaging it. There are more around, in fact double the amount you would have seen last year.

HTC has reported that it has doubled its sales for July 2010 compared to sales for July 2009, showing what an amazing and speedy rise to fame the company is experiencing at the moment.

In boring speak, HTC said on Friday that sales for July reached T$24.45 billion ($764 million), more than doubling from T$10.83 billion the same month a year earlier, according to Reuters.

The success has been made possible by the popularity of devices such as the HTC Desire, HTC Legend and the Nexus One.

It doesn't look like that popularity will be waning any time soon either, HTC confirmed to Pocket-lint earlier in the year that it has more handsets planned thanks to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 launch.

Could the time be at hand, when you see more HTC Devices than Apple iPhones on the train?

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