The annoying thing about concept designs is that they never seem to make it out into the real world. Many just fall by the wayside and get overlooked. They just don't seem to get the attention that their beauty deserves.

So, in order to hopefully get HTC's attention, we felt it was our duty to bring to you the stunningly enticing HTC 1 concept from Andrew Kim, that we spotted over on Slashgear.

The HTC 1 concept is a machined brass device with a silver finish. It has a unique twist action whereby the phone's display is able to be seen at different angles when the device is on a flat surface.

Kim's design includes his own variation of HTC Sense, but with a minimalist feel and full screen widget displays.

There's also a feature that OCD sufferers will love - the HTC kills germs and bugs using a UV light that activates when the device is being charged.

For a full breakdown of the concept - including design stages and inspiration - check out Kim's website.

Inclusion of this story doesn't mean that we're prepared to show off any concept phone designs, so don't bother sending us your sketches of the iPhone Nexus or the Samsung Mario Galaxy.

If you have got a brilliant design however, do what Kim did and set up a slick website to show it off - who knows you may get the web attention that he's managed to generate.

And HTC, if you're reading - give that man a job.