Pocket-lint loves a bit of device leakage - we can't get enough of it. Whether it's iPhones left in bars, or surreptitiously left in the effeminate hands of a Vietnamese gadget blogger, if there's sufficient proof and/or convincing pics, we'll be all over leaked tech like wasps on jam.

However, the HTC Vision pic that's emerged over the last 24 hours is about as convincing as Dick van Dyke's cockney accent. And these are 5 reason's why:

Just look at the limp way the hand model (?) is holding a phone which is presumably larger and, therefore, heavier than the iPhone 4 (137g). Gripping it that loosely may aid antenna reception, but little else. It'll flop out of such a flimsy grasp quicker than you can say hard wooden floor and Snapdragon chipset jigsaw. We've seen the hopes of millions of England football fans rest on sturdier foundations.

C'mon, if that thumb is in the right position, clearly the hand model has had a debilitating meat slicer accident, and the paramedics mistakenly reattached a party chippolata instead. Its incorrect placement and poor shading doesn't just scream Photoshop, it hires a Cherokee Piper single prop aircraft and pulls along a banner with "Photo" and "Shop" written 10 feet high. And we're not convinced by the little finger either.

Try as we might, we couldn't get a similar lens flare effect from pointing a camera at a hugely glossy substitute phone (iPhone 4) from no more than 6 inches away. There was obviously a reflection from the flash, but the flare was confined to the screen itself - it wouldn't break out. Observe exhibit one:

5 reasons why leaked htc vision is utter baloney image 2

Then we pulled the pic into Photoshop, applied the Lens Flare filter, and, lo and behold, managed to create a very similar effect. Spooky.

5 reasons why leaked htc vision is utter baloney image 3

That keyboard looks nothing like anything else HTC has released. It's clumsy and less organised than both the HTC Touch Pro 2 and Tera QWERTY pull-outs, and doesn't even match in the type of keys it includes. Why are there two ALT keys, when HTC favours one FN? What's the magnifying glass for on a smartphone, or, at least, why is it so important that it needs its own key? And where's the company's trademark email button?

5 reasons why leaked htc vision is utter baloney image 4

It also defies physics as, seeing as the device looks flat, where did the keyboard slide out from? And with that ridge that runs on the outside of the keys, how does it slide back? Come to think of it, what's that crappy bit of plastic between the keyboard and screen anyway?

And this is the final nail in the coffin. That phone - you know, the one in the picture - looks like it's made from cheap plastic, and the control pad is wonky (and is the square type favoured by Blackberry). Does that sound like HTC to you?

Plus, the bottom left-hand corner is either wobbly, or the screen drop in has been manipulated in some way to remove something. It doesn't match its surroundings (not as straight) and looks like it's been the victim of some "Smudge" action:

5 reasons why leaked htc vision is utter baloney image 5

Now, we could be proven wrong on this, but the evidence is clear enough: Not only is this not the HTC Vision, it's not a HTC handset at all. It is, we're pretty sure, a load of old codswallop!

To be absolutely honest, even if it does turn out to be true, would you want to own something that looks like that? We suspect not...