Three, the mobile phone operator in the UK, has confirmed to Pocket-lint that its HTC Hero customers won't be getting the Android 2.1 update until "Mid to late July."

The news will come as a blow to 3 customers with the phone, looking forward to updating at the same time as owners of the unlocked versions of the phone.

HTC has pushed out the new update, which takes the phone from Android 1.5 to Android 2.1 on Monday, however UK operators Orange, T-Mobile and 3 have, it seems, been slow to follow suit as they carry out further "network" tests to make sure the new update works perfectly.

HTC had originally said that operators would be pushing out the 2.1 update before the end of the month, something that, for 3 customers, isn't now going to now happen.

3 wouldn't confirm an exact date, however it did tell us that it would be later rather than sooner when we pushed them for an answer.

T-Mobile customers are also likely to have to wait too. The operator has told Pocket-lint that it will be announcing further details of when it will be making its update live for the G2 (its version of the HTC Hero).

That could mean a 30 June release date, or it could mean that its customers will have to wait longer too.

And all this when Google announces that Android 2.2 is the latest version on the block.

It seems HTC Hero owners will be playing catch-up once again.

UPDATE: Orange has got back to us saying that the update will come in the "very near future" although has failed to elaborate further on this statement.