Taiwanese handset maker HTC has attempted to take advantage of election fever in the UK by inviting visitors to its Facebook fan page to vote on what it should call a forthcoming handset.

HTC says: "The guys and gals in the lab are working on something new and we want you involved in the process. We are looking for a name that is playful and full of youth. If you were to choose one of the following names for a new phone, what would it be?"

You'll need a Polls app to be installed to vote, and the options are the HTC Zeal, HTC Festi, HTC Wildfire and the HTC Jovi. At the time of writing, with over 5000 votes having been cast, the HTC Wildfire is in the lead with nearly 50% of the ballot.

If we were picking options, we'd have gone for the HTC Insignia. Or the HTC Tangential. If you were naming an HTC handset, what would you call it?