In an interview with Bloomberg, HTC's CEO Cheng Hui-Ming has revealed that his company is looking into the possibility of developing its own operating system from scratch. "We continue to assess, but that requires a few conditions to justify it", he told the market news site.

If the company did so, the idea would be to reduce dependence on external developers, who create the Android and Windows Mobile platforms that the company currently uses. However, HTC said it would still continue to support those platforms. "There are many multiple factors to be considered together, rather than a simple statement as to own or not to own", Cheng added.

HTC is currently the biggest producer of Android phones worldwide, and its name has started to become synonymous with the platform, despite also putting out several Windows Mobile devices. The company refused to comment, however, on rumours that it's among the bidders for Palm and its Pre and Pixi handsets, as well as its WebOS platform.