Verizon has pretty much given up the goods on the fact the US network will be selling the HTC Incredible and doing so very soon.

One of the company's Twitter accounts sent out a message to an irate customer that read, "It’s a Friday Brandon, don’t be angry. As for the HTC Incredible & other new phones…good things come to those who wait!” providing a rather big fat hint that the handset is on its way.

A second dead give-away, as picked up by Engadget, is the image of a Verizon stock device listing the Incredible, amongst other handsets, and the final piece of the now obvious puzzle has been provided by the provider themselves in the shape of a place card on the company website just waiting for the gaps to be filled in.

Expect this mooted 8-megapixel, Android 2.1 handset to be available very soon indeed.