While HTC is staying coy about the HTC Desire and HTC Legend making it outside of the UK for the time being, that hasn't stopped sources coming forward to suggest that AT&T and Sprint will be getting US variants in the near future.

According to mobile site Boy Genius Report in the US, their "connects" inside the two companies claim that AT&T will be getting the HTC Desire at the same time it gets the Nexus One from Google. Getting the usual "customized" feel to the handset (they've been told colours) it will bring the Sense UI from HTC to the network for the first time.

Meanwhile the Legend, which is a follow-on to the HTC Hero launch last year, is expected to go to US operator Sprint, which as it happens already stocks the Hero. According to BGR the device will go under the Hero2 moniker in the States. While no release dates have been set, it took some time for the Hero to reach the US from the UK last year, suggesting a similar timeframe could be possible.

We will keep you posted.