O2 announced that it was bringing the HTC Smart exclusively to the UK (and other countries), offering a smartphone at around half the price you'd normally expect.

We saw the phone at CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, but had to bring you a photo gallery of the pink one, because we think this is going to go down a storm.

Some say that pink phones stereotype and patronise girls. Some girls complain there aren't enough pink phones out there. We know more of the latter than the former, and already know there are some getting really excited about the pink HTC Smart.

The HTC Smart runs the Sense user interface and this is perhaps the smartest part of the Smart. HTC Sense is a great system that pulls in your social networking buddies and gives you a "people-centric" phone, ideal for those who spend all their time scanning Facebook.

We've seen HTC Sense on a range of phones in the past and we've liked it. The HTC Smart is a little less fully-featured than some other phones; the operating system isn't as comprehensive, you won't get the highest specs, but you will get a great experience at a decent price.

That is, of course, if O2 slaps the right price on it. We're waiting to see exactly what that price will be. In the meantime check out all the pictures, and let us know what you think.