O2 and HTC are expected to announce a new handset on Wednesday at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Pocket-lint has learnt.

The handset in question, which neither company will confirm to Pocket-lint, could be the much rumoured HTC Incredible, the HTC Scorpion,  the HTC Legend, HTC Bravo, or maybe even something else that we haven't heard of yet.

"We can neither confirm or deny anything", an O2 spokesperson told us, while HTC flat out refused to humour our calls for more gossip. 

What we do know is that a press announcement is expected to feature the big cheeses from both HTC and O2 with even Snapdragon-maker Qualcomm's CEO Paul Jacobs putting in an appearance as well.

So what could HTC CEO Peter Chou and O2 UK general manager Steve Alder be going to announce? Could it be any of the above handsets? Merely that O2 is finally taking the HTC Hero? Or a chance to have a quick drink with show attendees?

We will let you know come Wednesday, but in the meantime have your say in the comments below.

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