There's a new king of Android handsets in town. Well, there might be. A leaked build file sent anonymously to fansite AndroidSpin contains reference to a handset called the HTC Scorpion.

Excitingly, the build file promises a 1.5GHz CPU and Android 2.2. It may also have WiMax support. We don't have any images, video or any other info that supports this rumour just yet, so this may just be the work of forgers who love nothing more than writing out long lists of code, but if true it could set a new high water mark for the Android ecosystem.

We'll bring you more as soon as we hear of it, but don't expect anything much to show up too soon. In the meantime, HTC's 2010 roadmap still contains some exciting bits and bobs, particularly the HTC Bravo. We'll keep an eye out and let you know the latest on all of HTC's 2010 plans, as well as bringing you full coverage from Mobile World Congress.