The HTC Legend, which seems to be a direct upgrade of the HTC Hero if the leaked 2010 roadmap for the phone company is accurate, has appeared in the wild for the third time, following renderings showing up back in mid-December.

From the pictures we can't tell a whole lot - it has the Sense UI so beloved of HTC owners, it has a camera with an LED flash, and it appears to have an optical trackpad, rather than the trackball that the Hero packs. Also of note is that there's a great big company logo on the back - something that HTC has previously shied away from.

If past leaks are accurate, then it has a 3.2-inch OLED touchscreen and a 1300mAh battery (smaller than the Hero - though the display should draw considerably less power). Only a 600 MHz processor, though - no 1GHz Snapdragon in here.

We've heard previously that it's due in March, so it's likely that a full reveal isn't too far away now. Stay tuned.

htc legend snapped in the flesh image 2