While Pocket-lint was at CES in Las Vegas, we heard several rumours going around of a tablet PC that HTC was showing off behind the scenes, but we couldn't find anything concrete on the subject.

The company's sales and marketing director, Anthony Petts, has now confirmed the device as existing, but said that the project been suspended. Petts is quoted by Channel News as saying that the company is instead "focusing their efforts on a new generation of mobile phones". A generation that includes a whole pile of Android and Windows Mobile devices, some of which we've already seen.

The tablet project was rumoured to include either Chrome OS or Android as operating system. It's not clear what any of the specs were, but HTC had filed several patent applications that described the user interface and details on how the device would operate.

When we hear more of HTC's plans for the tablet, we'll let you know, though it's entirely possible that it'll now be shelved completely. Whether that happens or not will likely depend on the reception that Apple's mythical tablet gets if it arrives as predicted on 27 January.